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How It Works

In recent years, the “hiring funnel” has been turned over to computers that search for keywords on text-based documents, so it is all a numbers game. They promise great results, but all the employer gets is a huge stack of applications and resumes from recruits without any idea of their character or communication skills, other than they had the right words in their forms. Recruiting is the least efficient part of the hiring funnel, so Headhunter is changing that. Further, it seems for every article we see about AI and algorithms we also see an article about PERSONALIZATION and the importance of human interaction for customers as well as job candidates.

Recruiting is now simple, fast, effective, and fun. HR reps can move faster from recruiting to interviewing (while getting higher quality interviews) using Headhunter. Our mobile video app is appealing to the modern job seeker since they can communicate who they are in their own words, and they can see who the employer is as well… all without useless interviews, travel, or awkward phone calls. Did I mention no more online job applications that job seekers HATE and never get a reply from?

Watch this video on how Headhunter works and start being more efficient TODAY!

Easy integration Demo: Just paste a link to your Headhunter job listing inside your job advertisement no matter if Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, etc.

You’ll also learn a lot from our FAQ and BLOG.